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These are the technologies supported by Streamplug
xvid codecdivx codec
3ivx codec
ogg vorbis audio codec

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Q : What is Streamplug?
StreamPlug is a new technology delivering ogg vorbis, divx, xvid content and much more to you instantly. It achieves to do so with a very light sofware that will take you only seconds to install. The full player is only 150ko to download and you won't need anything else to play the files : streamplug contains everything necessary for the playback of either audio or video content. Furthermore, streamplug allows you a great control over your media files, i.e support of subtitles and different resolution formats for video (4/3, 16/9, or custom). Make sure you check the option button on the player to enjoy the full Streamplug experience.
Q : Which OS and browser is Streamplug compatible with?

So far, Streamplug is only compatible with Windows based OS and Linux (linux version is about to be released). A Mac version is on its way and should be released shortly too.
Browser-wise, it is compatible with I.E 5.0 and up, and the Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape suite of browsers.
Q : How do I install it?

Installing Streamplug is very easy : simply click on the video or the song you want to watch or listen to and streamplug will be automatically downloaded. The average download time is only seconds! A simple confirmation from you and you're completely done. For Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox click here .